Should Engine Knocking Or Pinging Sound Concern Me?

Montrose auto repair FAQAATCO Transmission & Complete Auto Repair can understand why our customers in the greater Montrose area would wonder if the presence of a knocking, or pinging sound, coming from their vehicles' engines should be of concern. AATCO Transmission & Complete Auto Repair tells our customers that the presence of an occasional engine knocking or pinging noise will not necessarily be harmful to the engine. Additionally when an engine pinging or knocking noise is heard in the engine it does not indicate a switch should be made to a gasoline with a higher octane level. But if the pinging or knocking in the engine becomes persistent or heavy, that knocking sound could be the indication of a more serious car engine problem and to avoid any damage we suggest our customers bring their vehicle to AATCO Transmission & Complete Auto Repair and let a member of our skilled auto repair mechanic team inspect the engine knocking to avoid any potential to the vehicle's engine. Of course AATCO Transmission & Complete Auto Repair invites you to schedule online.